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A creative minded podcast with host / photographer Jimmy Bazan. The podcast features interviews and live performances from some of the coolest artists, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and generally rad people.
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Nov 28, 2016

Jesus Rivera aka Demonbabies is a Los Angeles based visual artist and director that is constantly pushing his creative boundaries, while creating a dialogue amongst the fans and viewers of his art. In this podcast we discuss topics such as, how spending his childhood at summer camp influenced his art, his opinion on vintage Halloween masks and haunted hayrides, how he got the artist name Demonbabies and we even get a glimpse into a creative pitch session for a commercial client. Please enjoy this hilarious and NSFW look into the creative life of a visual master.

Nov 21, 2016

Miki Rose is a neo-soul singer based in Los Angeles and the U.K. In this podcast we discuss her influences, the process of working with various producers and she even performs two amazing songs live "Right There" and "F With U". If you love music that's smooth like honey this episode is for you!

Nov 14, 2016

Jonathan Tobin is an L.A. based attorney from the law firm Counsel for Creators that represents artists, musicians, architects, Youtube personalities, etc. If you're a creative looking to protect your artwork or brand this episode is essential listening.

We discuss such topics to properly copyright your photos or artwork and should you for sites such as Instagram? Can Kanye West sue Drake over his floating stage? Does designer Jeremy Scott and Moschino have the legal right to use McDonalds branding for their clothing line? And, most importantly, are rival lawyers down for friendship? Take a listen to find out all these answers and more!



Nov 7, 2016

Morgan Jenkins aka Miss Mo'Jangles is a world famous professional hula hooper, video director and co-founder of the L.A. based hoop troupe The Hooptown Hotties. In this podcast we discuss her groundbreaking new hoop dance video "Despondence", how she got into hooping and also gain insight into the hoop community at large.