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A creative minded podcast with host / photographer Jimmy Bazan. The podcast features interviews and live performances from some of the coolest artists, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and generally rad people.
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Dec 15, 2016

On this very special two hour episode of the show, I get to have a chat with a 20 year legend of the rock n' roll tour life, none other than Mr. Dylan Roadie. Dylan's been a roadie for acts such as Lemmy, Dave Navarro, Foster The People, Pete Yorn. Primal Scream and The Arcade Fire, just to name a few. In this episode, not only will you get to hear stories of rock n' roll mayhem from some of these tours, but also such topics as: How to deal with diva rockstars and managers, the pros and cons of having a job that constantly takes you away from home, and he even drops some priceless roadie wisdom for young roadies looking to make a career on the road and the do's and don'ts of concert going for enthusiastic music fans. Enjoy!